The day after Halloween

gluten free candy

The day after Halloween makes me so sad.

It’s not because the fun is over. It’s watching my wee girl sorting her candy into its various piles and categories, and listening to her say “that has gluten, this has wheat, that has soy, that has no ingredients so we don’t know…”. It’s heartbreaking to look at all the choices in front of her and know that she can have but 2 or 3 types instead of enjoying the glut of sampling well over 50 different sorts of chocolate bars, chips, gum, licorice and candies.

It’s not as though we eat candy much in our house. That’s so not the point of this. We rarely partake of store bought treats preferring to make real food based cookies and cakes. I’ve even made my own chocolate bars  on occasion. It’s not that.

It’s the unique Halloween situation that gives kids and adults alike the moment to try one of everything.  Just once a year. To indulge and TRY everything the world (or the neighbours) has to give.  To relish that feeling of sheer abundance, that all those pretty wrappers are YOURS. Whether you let your kids eat any of it or not, there is power in that feeling and belief that you HAVE all this stuff.

For a celiac child who is also allergic to soy, that feeling is not there. She knows. It’s off limits and she’s only going through the motions. And it’s so hard to watch.

It’s upsetting for me too. To have to look at all those treats that I know the taste of and be reminded yet again, in a slap in the face kind of way, that I will never ever again have a kitkat or a licorice nib. I don’t miss them the whole rest of the year. Really. There are plenty of other things to enjoy and I’m actually not much of a candy person anyway. Small consolation when it’s strewn across your living room mocking you…

We have helped our little GF/SF girly with the addition of Cecelia the Celiac Fairy. She has something to look forward to that’s just for her.

How do you get through Halloween with your celiac or allergies?





One Response to The day after Halloween

  1. Lisa says:

    We are very lucky that our dentist offers a trade in program for candy. We get a dollar for every lb and he also matches the donation and gives to Make a Wish Foundation. He sends all the candy to the troops overseas so trick or treating has become an easy and fun time. We don’t miss tummy aches, hives or other problems from those supposedly tasty treats. We have found so many delicious replacements for mainstream food that we don’t even think of it as missing out anymore. I think that has been our biggest shift!

    Maybe you are mourning the carefree childhood we used to have and want that same feeling of freedom for you daughter. It’s hard work but letting go is important!


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