Giving Thanks, Gluten-Free Style

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Many of my American friends are nursing a turkey hangover today. And I, having celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in early October, am reflecting…

I had intended to post about my first gluten-free holiday I’ve had to survive but quite frankly I was surviving it so didn’t quite get to the computer. I was able to recreate a GF pumpkin pie, the only kind of pie I like, thanks to The Baking Beauties. If you don’t know Jeanine, you really must stop by her site. Not only is she a fellow Canuck, she’s actually in my home province – don’t you just like her already? Seriously though, any recipe I’m wondering about how to figure out in this new wheat-less reality, she has done. And for that I am very thankful.

My First Gluten-free Pumpkin Pie

I meant to have a post ready for American Thanksgiving but I was too busy trying to figure out how to not make my 5 year old cry about our current inability to produce gingerbread boys we can eat. I will figure that out eventually… because I have to.

This has been a wild ride… becoming a high maintenance eater… And I have said many a time over the last several months, HOW did people do this before Google?

As difficult a transition this may be, it’s been made a zillion times easier by all the fantastic bloggers in the world. So here is my Thanksgiving post.

I give thanks to:

The Baking Beauties: For pumpkin pie of course.


Adventures of  Gluten Free Mom:  Her honesty about her journey is so moving. I learn so much from all her medical posts, always so up-to-date.


Daily Dietribe: The first GFrecipe I attempted from scratch was the waffle recipe. So I really can have breakfast!


She let them eat cake: I made the vegan pumpkin loaf and we devoured it while weeping tears of joy. Then I made a second one!


Whole Life Nutrition: We are addicted to the quinoa crackers and impressed everyone at my birthday party – which was only 5 weeks after I was diagnosed.


Gluten Free Easily: The granola bar recipe was a lifesaver. Lunches, snacks, breakfast. Such a great addition to our repertoire.


Gluten Free Goddess: The big banana muffins vanish. So fabulous to have a portable breakfast and snack food. The non-gf types like them too!


 Gluten Free Spinner: Those pumpkin cookies were a lifesaver at Halloween and convinced the adults that GF does not equal brick.


Lexie’s Kitchen: The nutty nola was great to sprinkle on just about anything.


The Spunky Coconut: The vanilla shake was so heavenly and helped soothe the still aggravated tummy. The use of Manitoba hemp didn’t bias me at all ;)


Chocolate Covered Katie: Really? She needs an explanation? She’s chocolate covered, I was down in the dumps. It was a perfect match especially when she explained it was healthy.


Gluten Free Betty: The fudgy cupcakes are standard fare in our freezer. Every birthday party and school event has one of these. Phew. That’s a big one to have checked off the list.


Ginger Lemon Girl: That mastermix was so unbelievably brilliant. We took it to the cottage and had fresh fresh cookies and muffins out at the lake.


Gluten Free Girl and The Chef: This post was so powerful and helped so many people understand so many things.


Yummy Birthday Cupcakes

All of these women helped me immensely in those first very daunting weeks. As I got to ‘know’ them more, I started to understand that whatever I might think of, that I needed to relearn, adapt, or substitute, they had all gone before me and would have words of wisdom.

I’ve discovered so many more incredible foodies out there as you can see in my side bar. And I know there are many many I have yet to ‘meet’.

 I am so grateful to all of you for your perseverance and your generosity. It’s a tremendous gift you give to the world and I thank you.





6 Responses to Giving Thanks, Gluten-Free Style

  1. Hey Jodi–What a beautiful post! Thanks so much for including me in your gratitude list. I’m both honored and happy that my granola bars have been a hit for your family. :-) Here’s hoping that your gluten-free cooking/baking keeps getting easier and easier for you. There are so many folks who have already successfully made gluten-free gingebread cookies. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to. ;-) There are so many different options. Here are just two links:

    Good luck, and thanks again, dear! I’m grateful for you as a gfe reader and a fellow gluten-free blogger/friend! Hugs,
    Shirley @ gfe recently posted..Turkey Tetrazzini + 9 Other Recipes Equal 10 Reasons You’ll Love Your Turkey Leftovers


    Jodi Reply:

    Hi Shirley,
    I really am so grateful for you!! We love the granola bars and make them with and without raisins, depending on the kid! Thanks for the gingerbread suggestions – I’m going to be trying them all until I hit on one my girl loves. They were her favorite so I’m motivated!!



  2. Maggie says:

    You’re so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing me :) I made some gingerbread cookies last year and they were pretty awesome (can I say that?)! Have a look on my blog. Keep on trucking! You’re never alone in this high maintenance eating world! xo


    Jodi Reply:

    Hey Maggie,
    Yup, you sure can say that!! I’ll check them out pronto. This Christmas baking stuff is tricky but you are so right, we have amazing support. Thanks for being you!



  3. Wow, what a sweet post. Thank you so much for including me in such a beautiful and thoughtful post.

    Happy (very belated, especially since you’re in Canada!) Thanksgiving :)


    Jodi Reply:

    You’re welcome! Love the fudge babies and the larabar remakes!! So much fun to tell people it’s good for them.



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