Minus 45 and dreaming of summer


It’s -45C here on the prairies. No, no typo. Minus Forty Five Celsius. A bit chilly if I do say so myself. So cold in fact that our school division cancelled school due to extreme temperatures. Never had that before. Snow, fog, freezing rain, yes.

Gluten Free Pancakes or Waffles


Finding a fluffy pancake was a challenge! Some of the first attempts were really quite dreadful.

The day after Halloween

gluten free candy

The day after Halloween makes me so sad.

It’s not because the fun is over. It’s watching my wee girl sorting her candy

Summer on the run – quick GF meals




The countdown to school freedom is definitely on!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie (healthy and gluten-free)



Simple. Healthy. Delicious. ‘Nuf said….

Getting here from there – part 2



They say denial is the first stage of grief, but I think it’s the second. The first is shock.